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Fiscal and Legal


Planning and strategy

The planning is essential not only to minimize tax payments and exercise legitimate economy option that every taxpayer has the right, but also to structure efficiently from a tax point of view, all operations, projects or companies that want to perform or undertake. There are usually several ways to perform an economic activity, but not all are effective from the fiscal point of view.

Formal Obligations

The taxation is a legal issue that involves multiple formal and compliance obligations with the Administration. Minimize risks and meet obligations as formal submission of multiple statements that are required are also a very important aspect for managed.

What taxes do we cover?

They are:

  • Income Tax of Individuals . This tax , together with the Wealth Tax is vital for planning and management of their assets .
  • Value Added Tax . This is the tax that is gaining popularity in recent days. Their complexity and high tax rates make this tax a fundamental pillars from which tax advisory services be provided today.
  • income tax . Along with the tax, this tax is part of corporate taxation. UK accounting, this tribute is essential in the economic life of an entity , so proper advice is essential for the viability of the same.
  • Customs and Excise . Customs legislation and taxes on certain products , excise duty , form a highly complex legislation and ignorance today. This is one of the tributary areas
    more is being used by governments for security and control ( customs) and tax collection as a way ( excise)
  • Information returns tax character . Increasingly, information returns to fiscal matters , such as the model 347, 349 or 340, are being used by governments to exert an increasing tax control. The fiscal impact can assume that these models is providing information that can lead to significant consequences for taxpayers.
  • Appeals and Tax . Management and knowledge when interacting with the tax authorities is essential if the taxpayer has at its disposal all the tools and resources to deal with any incident or notification received either a request , a limited testing , inspection or tax offense .
  • Intrastat Declarations . The abolition of fiscal frontiers with the creation of the Common Market , it is mandatory that Community operators declare the physical movements of arrivals and dispatches to and from Member States in the European Union.


In JPB Consulting clients have as many professionals and medium businesses that we continually demand quick solutions for their own industrial relations disputes. From the review of contracts that no longer conform to market conditions, to choosing the best business to start legal form, JPB Consulting analyzes the opportunities and benefits of the current market to couple them as efficiently as possible to the characteristics of the company or business.
The most common services in our commercial department are:

  • Constitution companies.
  • Incorporation and ongoing advice in all those events to which the professional or company, confronted with throughout his career. For example , depending on the desired type of responsibility for the client or the number of participants in the business , what kind of society is more appropriate , anonymously, limited , professional, etc. are studied.
  • Contract
  • Negotiating , drafting and closing commercial contracts governing professional relationships of our clients. The office will study the legal advantages that can be applied to new contractual relationship and obtain the most advantageous position for our client , either during the same or during challenge and resolution.
  • Analysis , interpretation and improvement of business contracts and governing professional and business customer relationships . In JPB Consulting understand that it is vital to know exactly the type of relationship that keeps our client with the other participants that influence the performance of the business or company , whether creditors, suppliers , managers or other participants thereof. Therefore the firm offers a study of commercial activity relationships in order to efficiently focus our advice and if possible, improve the contractual terms of our customers.
  • Other services:
    • Mergers or acquisitions.
    • Other business operations .
    • tax – commercial Schedules.
    • Contest creditors.



JPB Consulting is committed to a work environment that enhances stress-free relations between our employer clients to his employees . One of the priorities of the firm in the current situation we live is to increase the business performance of the companies and professionals who advise , for which the labor department offers :

  • Analysis in the initial phase of recruitment : negotiating, drafting and closing of all types of labor contracts. Exclusivity agreements , non-competition and confidentiality
  • Study labor structure introduced in the company focused on the detection of potential problems, along with the design of an optimization strategy that suppresses , increasing business performance and providing the activity management to our customers.
  • negotiation with workers that do not conform with their functions. When another mutually beneficial alternative advice extinction of individual labor relations, with the aim of minimizarle our customers the economic damages resulting from the same is not possible.
  • design strategies that optimize the restructuring . Individual dismissals . Redundancy employment suspension or termination of contracts .
  • administrative and judicial review procedures: Assistance to the Labour Inspectorate. Defence in disciplinary procedures . Contentious- administrative resources. Other resources and writings.