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Family Company

Family Company

Many of the companies that make our production system are made and captained by families. The JPB Consulting is a firm whose own nucleus is familiar.

Every business family owned and has very specific circumstances , but all can be grouped into patterns and problems of which we are very aware and to which we have been we using protocols that have been yielding successful results.

JPB Consulting understands firsthand own family business advantages , unity and commitment. The starting point for this area of ??advice is to harmonize preferences and ways of doing business present in order to promote one of its strengths, its rapid adaptation and response to market demands caused by a barrier-free transmission .

The family is a rigid structure. But that does not mean it has no advantages , loyalty , strength of ties and the structure is a comparative and competitive advantage to Know exploited and enhance its dynamism and professionalism .

The services offered below are aimed at strengthening the free personal motivation that gets not only a family business from one generation to survive but to improve its business structure and professionalism and dynamism :

  • Homestead protection : study and implementation of plans designed to safeguard the family estate in respect of business or business assets
  • Diagnosis of the current situation of the company or activity to support design strategies , improvement and succession.
  • Professionalization of the family business : support the creation of family organ , in its development, and in the discussion and adoption of its rules of conduct
  • Optimization tax income derived by the members of the family, from the family business.